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UPDATE 4/21: Rolling Stone magazine has now published an expose on Bentinho Massaros recent abuses. Livestream regular Ashley Peluso even bragged in a blog post about how if anyone drank like mother theyd be dead. He accepts multiple insurance plans. Hes still healing and he will be for a long time from this, she said. Cardinal's Liaison to RMC [email protected] Mike MacKenzie. 14) Psalm 16:2 "I said to the Lord, "You are my Master! Internal Communications Director [email protected] Maggie Bahler. I didnt feel safe. Eyes, ears and heart open Now.. Ive never felt such a strong and evil energy before.. Father God Jason would regularly spout rants like this when he used to be on camera. Literature and research examining father involvement has focused primarily on outcomes associated with the wellbeing and development of children. Their reference to God is believed to be Amy Carlson known as "Mother God". 1 College of Social Work, University of Utah, 395 South 1500 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA. Seven members were arrested. Katrina Castillo is organizing this fundraiser. THIS MATERIAL IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES AND IS PROTECTED BY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION PROTECTING FREEDOM OF SPEECH. They also launched a new website, titled 5dfulldisclosure.org. The death of the three-day-old baby last November shocked Chile, a predominantly Roman . A nurse from Denver drove there to take him back to a hotel in the city until his brother could fly out. Love Has Won made global headlines in May after cult leader Amy Carlsons mummified remains were found in a home in Moffat. Where are these individuals today? An intuitive I checked with said something similar when she told me there was a dark portal over the town. 47 Likes, TikTok video from Rising Above Love Has Won (@risingabovelhw): "#FatherGod, Jason Castillo, brings the physical threats to #LHW which isn't surprising giving his #criminalhistory #lovehaswoncult #lovehaswon #cult". The deputy gave her his card and left, the mother said. The 12th Judicial District prosecutor assigned to the case was in court Tuesday afternoon and unavailable to discuss the dismissals. Investigators searched an SUV on the property and said the back seat was laid down in a position consistent with someone transporting the mummified remains.. [1/7] Jason Castillo, 45, one of seven members of a religious cult accused of keeping the mummified remains of their leader in a remote Colorado town, appears in a still image from video at the . In September, the group was escorted off an island in Hawaii by police after they violated COVID-19 protocols and offended local islanders with their co-opting of native religious practices. Part of the Catholic church in Sicily has imposed a three-year prohibition on naming godparents, arguing that the tradition has become merely a . In the Land of the Godfather Comes a Ban on Them. At the time, sheriffs investigators believed the seven members had driven Carlsons body to Colorado from California. Be Scofield is, By Be Scofield John Castillo, father of Kendrick Castillo who gave his life to save his classmates during a shooting at their school in May 2019 in Denver, addresses an audience Dec. 8 at the Byzantine Ukrainian . He was among those whose charges were dismissed. Hed stared at the sun so much hed burned his eyes terribly, she said. Where Is Lori Isenberg Now? There are dark forces trying to drain and kill her, she claims. The police and doctors believed he was on something, Ariane told me. Her husband lost his job and fell into a rabbit hole, spending more and more time online with Love Has Won. His discovery coincided with the global coronavirus pandemic. My Father Was a Toltec is the sassy and street-wise collection of poems that established and secured Castillo's place in the popular canon. He was just staring into the sun because they were telling him to do that to get light codes, Whitten said. When I first found it I was like, Holy crap! Meeting her was the spark that helped him realize God was a woman; thus, he didn't mind taking on the required role. I thought, Great, she has a name change now,' the woman said. Ariane says Whitten is doing better in the weeks since he was found in the desert. All rights reserved. Be Scofield is a prominent cult reporter whose work is cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, People, Daily Beast, The Guardian and has led to coverage on Netflix, Dr. Phil, VICE, CNN and elsewhere. The following information was written prior to Amy Carlson's death. . In December, Lamboy, who is known within the group as Archangel Michael, purchased the property for $63,000, giving Love Has Won a permanent residence. And one of those poor choices showed up in 2012, she said. An autopsy was conducted but results have not been released. It took months for the Saguache County coroner to identify Carlson because she did not have medical or dental records and he had to wait on DNA testing. Three of those four each faced a charge of tampering with a deceased human body and two misdemeanor counts of child abuse. At 3 pm that day Whittens mother got a call from him saying that he was walking to the airport. Given that the airport was three hours away this made no sense. The members faced many severe criminal charges, including child abuse, abuse of a corpse, tampering with deceased human remains, and false imprisonment. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. View the profiles of people named Jason Castillo. 7. Javier Castillo. All Rights Reserved. On her lunch break, shell spend even more time. How a Texas mom left her family to become, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), How a Texas mom left her family to become Mother God, leader of Colorados Love Has Won cult, Cult-like Colorado spiritual group met with violent protests during Hawaiian sojourn, Mummified remains of Love Has Won cult leader found in groups Colorado home, Love Has Won followers face more severe charges in connection with cult leaders death, Four arrested in connection with shooting outside Aurora mall, Mesa County, health contractor to pay $2 million after 27-year-old dies of epileptic seizures in jail, Colorado property tax relief: Polis, lawmakers reveal plan to ease skyrocketing tax bills, Colorado DMV relaunches services after statewide shutdown due to technical outage, charged with tampering with a deceased human body, escorted off an island in Hawaii by police. Every time Id lock eyes with her I could literally just feel her taking energy from me. They believe being gay is ego being resistant to Gods divine plan, he told me. Her son lived in the groups mission house for two years. EXCLUSIVE All I felt was pure fear. He continued. Early on, Carlson and her followers identified as the Galactic Federation of Light. Eventually, by late September, the charges against all seven of Amys devout followers were dropped. We had well-checks done, turned away. At The Denver Post, Noelle writes about air quality, wildfires and other topics impacting the quality of life in Colorado. Kiszla: Avs embarrass themselves with silence about Valeri Nichushkin's mysterious absence following reported 9-1-1 call, Andrew Cogliano out for Game 7 with fractured neck after Jordan Eberle's hit leaves Avalanche miffed at lack of suspension. If you dont know, we are in a full-blown planetary ascension and this is basically a full evolution of consciousness, she says. Carlson and Castillo were tracked to the Dunsmuir area after leaving Hawaii in September of 2020, according to reports from Mauinow.com and The Garden Island, at the urgings of protesters who picketed outside the condo the group had been renting on Kauai. I love meatballs, but I didnt (expletive) say that. Vicariate V [email protected] Vicariate VI. -> Follow on Facebook, She was Jesus Christ, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth of England, Marylin Monroe, reads a post from the followers of Amy Carlson. It was at this point his family believes he was drugged. At the time of Carlsons death, observers believed there were 29 devoted followers who lived in Love Has Won properties in Colorado and California. Join Facebook to connect with Jason Castillo and others you may know. Prior to settling in Crestone in 2018, she spent a few years in the town from 20112013. Shes lost all contact since Peluso got into Carlsons cult two years ago. What we do know is that Alex was seen in the Love Has Won daily livestream video on May 21st praising the group. He supposedly uses methamphetamines as well. He wasnt visible on the next days video, but her brother-in-law heard them talking about how his energy was not right and he was on the wrong side of the mountain. They started calling police. He wanted to be God without God. After separating from unity consciousness he began taking over planets and created dark species and the darker realms. It was all love and light before this fallen angel Jehovah created separation. The mummified remains appeared to be set up in some type of shrine and have what appears to be glitter type makeup on around the eyes, according to the affidavits, the Associated Press reported. Since the death of their leader, Love Has Won has supposedly disbanded and moved on. In an email to The Denver Post, Lamboy declined an interview request. And now for the first time in 19 billion years, the two have reunited on planet earth. Before Carlson was found dead, "cult deprogrammer" Rick Ross, who has testified as an expert on cults in 10 states and is the author of the book Cults Inside Out: How People Get in and Can Get Out, said the group is most likely not a threat to residents of Siskiyou County, but that they could be dangerous to one another. I could feel a tangible sinister presence. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Denver airport makes Food & Wine's list of top 10 U.S. airports with best restaurants, Celebration of life for Alexa Bartell, killed by rock thrown through windshield, draws hundreds to Arvada church, Skier killed in avalanche near Breckenridge, With Andrew Cogliano out for rest of Stanley Cup Playoffs, Kraken's Jordan Eberle discusses hit that fractured Cogliano's neck, Avalanche's Stanley Cup defense sputters to end in Game 7 of first round vs. underdog Seattle Kraken, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. Castillo, who has referred to himself as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Lucifer, is nearly the tenth individual to be crowned "Father God" by Carlson, and whose history of robbery and substance abuse is public record. I immediately noticed a darkness in him after that session, Ariane said. Born on August 5, 1975, Jason Castillo joined LHW in 2018. And his lower aspect is Lucifer, Lauren Suarez states. The decomposing body of the leader of a nonprofit spiritual group who had been living in the Mt. Fluent in Spanish and English, he organized and directed missionaries in Costa Rica, and, beginning in 2010, taught at the Serra . Thats when a man named Jason Castillo came into the picture as the next Father God and also the year the group changed its name to Love Has Won and set up a mission base in Moffat. The group also rented a large cabin in Salida, where the most devoted followers lived and where new recruits were brought upon arriving in Colorado. Jason is the Greek legendary hero best known for his leadership of the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece and for his wife Medea (of Colchis). Donald Trump was her father at the time. According to Insider, Jason described his position as master of darkness and has since stated that his spiritual partner passed away on April 21. She read books and called psychiatrists, but nothing stopped her husband from falling deeper into the cults control. 5, 1975, Jason Castillo joined LHW in 2018. Two others, Christopher Royer and Sarah Rudolph, are accused of abuse of a corpse, with bail set at $2,000. They include child neglect, criminal mischief, two driving while intoxicated, trespassing, and breaking and entering. According to Brown and others I spoke with, Carlson employs a variety of techniques to break her followers down and cut them off from their families and loved ones. Then a woman interrupted. On April 16, a photo of Castillo holding Carlson in his arms circulated on the groups private chatrooms, and Ray, who saw the picture, said Carlson was either dead or almost dead in the photo. They called her death an ascension. Others have gifted large sums of money. Only those who come through Amy will be saved. The final time the mother saw her daughter on a video was April 15, and she believes her daughter was broadcasting with another woman from the Salida cabin. | Learn more about Jason del Castillo's work experience, education, connections & more by visiting their profile . Adding to her torture, "Mother God" and her team suggest Amy is partially paralyzed, terminally sick with "stage 5,100% full body bone cancer," and requires the assistance of her "twin flame," Jason Castillo, to help with basic day to day tasks like using the restroom. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. VIDEO: Amy Mother God & Jason Father GodWARNING: Vulgar Screaming / Cat Abuse. The coroner still has not determined the cause of death because he is waiting on complicated lab testing. He also saw her chug a full bottle of very concentrated THC. How he ended up almost dying in the elements is still somewhat of a mystery. One volunteer from Crestone found Whittens husband wearing hospital scrubs and sitting under a bridge near Salida. The fourth person faced a charge of abuse of a corpse and two misdemeanor counts of child abuse. This week, Linda Haythorne, Carlsons mother, sent a DNA sample to the Saguache County Coroners Office to help identify her daughters remains. One of the people arrested was Jason Castillo, who was known as Father God and who helped Carlson lead the cult. The group briefly moved to the island of Kauai in Hawaii in August 2020, where they were met with hostility from locals after Carlson publicly proclaimed that she was the Hawaiian goddess Pele. He no longer listens to or follows Carlson or Love Has Won. It's official: Jamal Murray, Nuggets are in Phoenix's heads now. We were like, Oh my God, shes not. Over the years, Haythorne followed her daughter as she bounced around the country, building her persona as Mother God and accumulating loyal followers. For the first two years watching this, Amy said she was going to ascend. Theyre able to transmit this dark energy and entity attachments during these sessions., One of the first things they had Brown do was an ego death ceremony after he completed his spiritual sessions. Thats such a cult thing to do.. Amy has definitely had sex with many of her followers, Brown said. celebrity cruises beer list,

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